Edremit is a district in Balıkesir Province, Turkey, as well as the central city of that district, on the west coast of Turkey, not far from the Greek island of Lesbos.

It is situated at the tip of the gulf with the same name (Gulf of Edremit), with its town centre a few kilometres inland, and is an important centre of trade, along with the other towns that are situated on the same gulf (namely Ayvalık, Gömeç, Burhaniye and Havran). It is also one of the largest district centres of Balıkesir Province. The district of Edremit, especially around Kazdağı, is largely covered with forests.

Ida Mountains

Ida Mountain is the highest mountain of Biga Peninsula which separates Aegean and Marmara regions. Considering its rich fauna and ?ora, where historical assets and nature unites in green, is not only one of the unique beauties of Edremit and Balıkesir but also one of the rare beauties of the globe as well and is protected being one of the 34 national parks in Turkey. Edremit promises a healthy life located on the skirts of Mountain.

Ecosystem in Mountain Ida is one of the most important natural sites of our country that contains the richest diversity of ?ora and fauna. For instance; Mountain Ida ?r tree is one of the most famous of those, which was taken under protection with law since 1988. It is said that, the wooden horse of cunning Odysseus’ had been made of the Mountain Ida ?r tree which ended the war and contributed to the fall of the city after the ten year lasting war of Troy. Thus endemic Ida Mountain ?r tree is also named as ‚‘‘Pine of Troy‘‘.


In the Ida Mountain ?ora there are nine hundred species from hundred and one families are registered, there are at least sixty eight nationwide rare found species; three of them are endemic to this mountain.

Ida Mountain is also considered rich in terms of animal existence and many different species endure their lives in Ida. The region is considered as heaven for hunting due to rich population of wild boars. During the hunting season, registered and licensed agencies organize hunting parties for only wild boar, coyote and fox.

Ida Mountain is an ideal place for those who seek for alternative holidays which offer a four-day trip for nature and history lovers. Ida Mountain is also in the top ten list of destinations where best autumn pictures can be taken.

Since some parts of Ida Mountain are within the national park, there are some attractive and enjoyable activities such as trekking in the forest, mountain biking, jeep-safari, horse riding, peak climbing, swimming in rivers and lakes all are accompanied with park’s guards.  Kalkım Hanlar region, Ayı River, Sutüven Falls, Manastır Çayı Canyon, Şahin River Canyon, Mıhlı Çayı Valley, Döşeme Creek, Dere Çatı, Valley and Sarıkız Peak are some of the places where you can enjoy trekking.